Why Does Hair Get Greasy : Explained

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Hair can get oily or greasy after some time either as a result of oils emitted from the scalp or use of more oily hair care items which has more oil content. A few individuals deliver a greater number of oils than others. The overabundance oil might be because of hormone surges activated by pubescence, stress, pregnancy, feminine cycle, or hormonal drugs. Numerous hair care items contain oil and can make your hair look and feel oily. These items might likewise stop up the pores in your scalp and cause skin issues.


There are a couple of things you can do to forestall or address oily and greasy hair. Ensure you shower and cleanser day by day. It’s alright to brush your hair, yet abstain from brushing too hard or too as often as possible. The oils from your scalp will spread all through your hair, making it look oily. Likewise, abstain from utilizing items intended for slick hair.

Each of the hair follicles on your body is connected to glands that secrete an oily substance to lubricate your skin and hair. The oily substance, called sebum, moves up the hair shaft and out the follicle. Watch the animation to learn more about sebum.

Watch this video to know how the hair and scalp becomes greasy or oily

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