Maple Holistics Degrease moisture and oil control shampoo Review

Hello every one, after seeing best shampoo for oily and greasy hair, Home remedies for Greasy Hair, Tips for Greasy hair and Best Conditioners for Greasy and Oily Hair we are going to see detailed reviews of best shampoo for oily and greasy hair.degrease best shampoo for oily hair greasy hair

Let’s see the very first detail review of shampoo from our list Maple Holistics Degrease moisture control shampoo. This is made by Maple Holistics and is a very nice shampoo for oily hair. This shampoo is designed for extremely oily scalp and oily hair. If you are suffering from oily hair with itchy scalp and greasy hair and dandruff then this is best choice for you girls !!


Shampoo has specifically targeted ingredients for oil control treatment. The very first and main ingredient in this shampoo is Lemon Oil and French cypress. French Cypress is used to maintain the oil production and inflammation of capillaries in scalp. Whereas Lemon oil is very well known anti septic. Also following sub ingredients are included basil, rosemary, jojoba oil, and botanical keratin. All together this ingredients works for keeping the scalp dry and maintain the required moisture avoiding excess oil production and infections.


Best seller in Amazon

Recommended by many users

Has pleasant scent

Has Natural ingredients

Can be used on Colored Hair



Cost. Price is bit high but worth it.

Not great for dandruff. As this shampoo is great for oily and greasy hair but for specifically dandruff it is not great. It reduces dandruff.

How to Use:

The shampoo is to be used like this. Apply the shampoo on scalp and keep for about 3 to 5 minutes. Risen with luck warm water. You can use conditioner if necessary. For oily hair we do not recommend use of hot dryer as higher temperature can cause harm.

Final thoughts:

Well this is a great best shampoo for oily and greasy hair no doubt. You can see the results within very first use. Specifically for oily, greasy hair condition this works great.

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